Google's secret lab X is preparing to sign on to a project that will be talked about again.


Google's secret lab X is preparing to sign on to a project that will be talked about again. 

On the wearable technology systems platform, Google is preparing to enter with a new product. Google is working on a system of fitness tracking wristbands that fits the health class, Bloomberg reported. In addition to vital signs such as heart rate, pulse, body temperature, the wristband will also provide information such as sun exposure time, which we can call external factors, according to the report.

The project is being developed at Google's secret lab X, which is also behind projects such as Google Glass, Google Loon and self-driving vehicles. However, Google's wristband will not be available to its public user profile. Google intends to use its new wristband in clinical trials or in prescription patients.

In this way, Google will make a significant contribution to reaching Doctors With data from their patients outside the hospital. Fitness tracking wristbands for the general consumer do not offer the kind of medical system that Google's wristbands offer, and can be misleading when doctors need to be given vital information data. Apple has been trying to solve the similar problem for some time with its ResearchKit.

Google X already has many medical studies. In 2014, the company announced that it was working on a contact lens in its lab that could monitor and monitor the glucose levels of diabetics. It was also learned in January that Google was partnering with some pharmaceutical companies during their research and work processes. Let's see what Google's new bracelet looks like.